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To Believe or Not Believe – Arrange for Pleasant Interactions

Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ
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As followers of the Lord Jesus, acknowledged sinners of the world, Christians will encounter those who do not share their beliefs. When a believer is confronted with one who does not believe in God, how does the believer respond? The real question here is how would you treat the person who thinks differently from you?

Regardless of whether an individual believes or does not, as Christians, there is this obligatory expectation to be kind and decent to all people. There are many types of believers and nonbelievers, just as there are different types of people and personalities.

There will be unbelievers who will share the same sins and temptations as the believer. Does this make the believer any better than the unbeliever, due to the level of faith and prayer? There is no comparison. Both in this case, are humans surrendering to the sins of the world. Thusly, both are equally guilty and at fault. However, one does not surpass the other.

The believer has no authority over his or her fellow man to judge according to one’s lack of faith. There will be many unbelievers, and it is upsetting. Although, we must also realize and understand that God has perfect timing for all His children - believers, and unbelievers alike.

One, who is an unbeliever today, could find the Light of our Lord Jesus, tomorrow. Perhaps, this is not the time for the unbeliever to see or hear the Word of our Lord. Believers have no right to condemn someone for not believing.

Remember beloved that we believers, have the potential to lose our faith and stray away from God. This is the most crucial of steps we take each day. The unbelievers, on-the-other-hand, are the complete opposite. The unbelievers are mere lost lambs of the Lord, who are waiting to see. Be careful how you approach these lost lambs. For you will have no knowledge of where this lamb will go or when his or her eyes will be opened.

Either way, we must focus on our own sinful ways and attempt to do what it pleasing to God. Instead of debating or arguing with those who share dissimilar beliefs, try something else. Cater to the conversation and create for a more peaceful interaction. Cater but do not forget where you stand. Agree to disagree, but do not embitter or embarrass your fellow brethren.

All humans born on earth are all creation of the Heavenly Father. Our Lord Jesus must be the ultimate Judge and we must not forget that. Be strong beloved, and be good to one another.

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