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To beef or not to beef that is Taco Bell's question

Taco Bell taco drawing
Taco Bell taco drawing
Renise Black

Well folks the cat is certainly out of the bag, or should it be cow in Taco Bell's case. Slashfood reports today that a lawsuit filed in California says that Taco Bell beef is less than 35% beef. Really? No way! And your eyes widen in shock. Really? Are you serious?

Who is truly surprised that Taco Bell "beef" isn't really, well, beef? If you are get your head out of the sand and face reality. There is no way that they are serving beef and able to sell at those prices that they do. It is impossible. For a cost comparison go to Steak n' Shake and see how much they charge for their beef burgers. No comparison right up front.

Maybe at one time they used all beef but not today and certainly not in the past decade or two for sure. If you ever worked at a Taco Bell before you would know that the beef comes in large, sealed plastic bags, magically already cooked and ready to be steamed and served. What would be even more amazing to see is that when you poured it into the metal container for use you would notice how much it giggled. How many times have you cooked ground beef at home, put it in a bowl and placed it on the counter, only to watch it giggle like a bowl of jello for several seconds? Not once right? Well that is because you were cooking with real beef. And well...Taco Bell does not!

In it for profits

I do not know what it will take for people to realize that Taco Bell, McDonald's and all the other fast food chains are not in business to serve you anymore. They are in business to serve the stockholders and their pockets. Do you really believe that formaldehyde-making aspartame in "sugar-free" drinks, candy and gum was put there for your personal benefit? Of course not! It was put there to cut costs pure and simple. The real magic is that they then had their marketing department come up with a way to sell this to us to make us think it is for our benefit.

Well guess what the same principle applies to Taco Bell, no matter how much they say they serve the consumer. They are about keeping costs down and profits up. There is no way they would be able to afford to serve the large portions of food that they do so cheaply if it was beef. No way at all. So they do what they think is best which is to give the customer an approximation of beef that looks like beef, tastes like beef and smells like beef but isn't really beef. Really?


  • LemonMeister 4 years ago

    TACO BELL and KB Home get less than you pay for? Melissa Lora is the currently a Board of Director for KB Home Inc and the Chief Financial Officer of TACO BELL No one in management at TACO BELL has a bio on their website. Are they hiding? Another reputation issue since the food poisoning outbreak TACO BELL’s E. coli bacteria was famous for? In March 2005, the Coalition of Immokalee Workers (CIW) won a landmark victory in its national boycott of Taco Bell for human rights. KB Home uses undocumented workers to build its homes? Taco Bell? A lawsuit filed in 2011 alleges that Taco Bell beef is comprised of less than 35% beef. We’ve seen the goop, it pours out of a bag like dried brown flour that coagulates into something that looks like ground beef when water is added.
    Seems the entire management of both KB Home and TACO BELL has an image problem? Not mentioning their Chief Financial Officer's proud accomplishments at KB Home. Where's the BEEF in my poorly constructed KB Home? Both are misleading the public and getting less than they paid for. The only difference is TACO BELL exits after 24 hours; KB Home continues to give you irritable bowel syndrome.

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