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“To be a master is always being at the beginning,” Justin Timberlake on Oprah

“To be a master is always being at the beginning,” Justin Timberlake on Oprah
“To be a master is always being at the beginning,” Justin Timberlake on Oprah
Justin Timberlake opens the season for Oprah's Masterclass

Oprah’s Masterclass takes a revealing look at Justin Timberlake. “Learning something new is inspiring, to always be the novice.” Oprah’s Masterclass is an intimate talk with celebrities who have achieved some level of greatness in the public and privately.

“To be a master is always being at the beginning,” Justin Timberlake on Oprah

Justin on Michael Jackson

“I wrote it for the biggest act of all time, Micheal Jackson, “Gone,” by Insync. I wanted it to be a duet between himself and I. It was a real departure from what I was doing with the guys.

“I was called faggot, cracker, wigger, I grew up not really fitting in”

“Do something different every time. ‘ The singer and actor, consummate entertainer. His first audition when he was ten on “Star Search.” By the time he was 18 he was a rising superstar and his appearances on SNL Saturday Night Live are historically radically funny.

“To make it look easy is the hard part”

“If you put in 115-percent you will get back somewhere in the 90-percent. Putting your whole self into what it is you are into is the basis. Growing up in Memphis, Tennesee is the home of the blues and rock and roll, and a melting pot of races. I didn’t fit in with the black kids because I was white. I didn’t fit in with the white kids because I like what was considered black music. I learned more on stage about being a person than I did just being with people my own age.”

“On Star Search I was blown away because they told me what to sing and told me what to wear”

“I learned a lot about losing on Star Search and another door opening, getting the Disney audition. It really doesn’t matter. It was a lot of fun and it was a lot of work. It was challenging to put a show together in one week. It’s a lot like putting an episode of SNL together. I think that’s why I started getting to like being an actor.”

“That kid from the TV show”

“You have a gift. None of us know where it came from,” his mother told him, “you have this gift and it will make your life more challenging and you will have to work harder to realize it.”

“I found myself in Orlando again”

“After Disney was over I went back to being a normal kid again. I played basketball and went to school. We got this record deal and the next thing you know we were touring the world. Our first album had gone diamond. That was my first lesson in the music business. We were like does this make any sense to you.”

“We decided we wanted to do an audit”

“I’m 17, at the time, and we had lost out on so much money. It was a tough thing to go through. We were getting screwed; we really didn’t make anything from such huge album. What is in the fine print is ‘black and white.’ It was a big deal; it really influenced the next album, “No Strings Attached.”

“We sold a million albums today”

“In a week, no today. We were playing arenas and I said this is enough. I had gone for six years with the guys and I wanted to do my own thing.”

You are from the biggest groups of all time, why walk away

“Gone, sort of summed it all up. I knew the music I was writing at the time was different than what I was doing before with the guys. It was time to move on.”

Justin Timberlake loves all kinds of music

“I never saw Michael Jackson perform live until I performed on stage with him except in videos. I didn’t feel like I was a part of the teen pop scene any more. Marvin Gaye, Nirvana, The Stones, Michael Jackson. My first album and its success told me I would make a living doing exactly what other people told me I shouldn’t be doing.”

Bring Sexy Back

The new King of Pop. I had to convince radio programmers and other people that the song was me, that it was real. I had to convince my own label president to put it out in a full on argument. Working on my solo record was the first vindication for me. I believed in it. I saw what it did to other people, it was real. Risk? You learn to trust your gut, your instinct. It’s a powerful thing. ”

“It’s only human to get caught up in how things are received”

“But it doesn’t change why you were there.”

“I was an only child, so the spotlight was on me. At the dinner table it was my thing to make my parents laugh. If I got them to laugh my night was made. Laughter makes your blood circulate a different way and the guys at SNL put their whole body into it. Make ‘em laugh, I marvel at it. Using your physical form to make it happen, you have to get your blood circulating twice as fast.”

Oscar buzz

The Social Network in 2010, “some movies are received better than others. I can’t be responsible for that. You aren’t meant to do what was easy, you are meant to challenge yourself.”

Finish what you start

“Mick Jagger called me up to play for this huge festival. You clear your schedule, you make the time. The list of acts, The Stones, AC DC Rush, and then there was my name. I got on stage and it is raining debris, left and right. At first it was one, then ttwo, hundred beer cans, beer bottles. The emcee came out after a couple songs and he is trying to talk me off the set. I said no I’m going to finish it. I was supposed to go back and do a set with The Stones at the end of the show and I requested to talk to Mick Jagger first. I said, I really don’t think it’s a good idea for me to go back on stage with you. He said, we’d really love it if you played on stage with us. So I watched their set, and the stuff was still flying through the air at The Stones too. That’s when I realize the people are just drunk.”

“ Aw’ man, they were throwing bottles at me I was so distraught. I wasted the whole day thinking it was me they hated, but they threw them at The Stones too. I felt really good about finishing my set that day. I draank a whole bottle of whiskey that night after the show.”

“Love is a many splendored thing”

“There isn’t many people who get to do what they love. It’s extremely valuable. If you are not progressing and moving forward in it you are doing yourself a disservice. It can be with your wife, your mother, your work. You really work to get it to a certain level. Just because you get married doesn’t mean you stop dating.” Justin married actress Jessica Beale in Italy in 2012.

Every day presents a new challenge to see what you are really made of.

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