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To avoid being flustered or shaken, use this key in every meeting and interview

The third key to advancing your career and achieving your business success targets
The third key to advancing your career and achieving your business success targets
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Part one of this series demonstrated why “Relevance” is the first of the 3 simple keys to advancing your career and achieving your
business success targets.

Part two looked at how the second simple key, "Communication Skills," minimizes your competition, makes it easy for you to stand out in the crowd, and position yourself as a perfect fit for a prospective client's or employer’s wants, needs and objectives.

Now we’ve reached the third simple key; the
potent pairing of "Confidence & Competence."

Bring this dynamic duo to the table to replace your prospective clients' or employers' doubts and fears with absolute certainty that they’d be idiots not to hire you.

Key #3: The Fusion of Confidence & Competence

Confidence and competence come to those who both understand the process, and can implement the set-up.
Their results are their rewards!


When you have confidence in your ability to deliver results, manage people, and solve problems, as well as the competence to deliver results, you are clearly the “real deal.”

To be clear, when I say confidence, I’m not talking about cockiness or boastfulness. Nor am I referring to the “fake it till you make it” version of self-confidence popularized by self-help gurus.

There’s a vast difference between having confidence within a specific context, and being self-confident.

Self confident people expect to be accepted as competent in all they do:

  • Conducting meetings
  • Presenting to audiences
  • Being “the life of the party”
  • Offering opinions
  • Calling the shots, at work and at home, and much more...

But simply being self-confident does not give any individual the competence to implement everything they talk about. Now this may come as a surprise to those who know extremely confident people, but nothing could be further from the truth! Many highly confident people are contextually inept. While they can talk confidently on a topic, they haven't a clue how to implement a set-up that delivers the results they describe.

On the other hand, people with contextual confidence have confidence in their areas of experience and expertise. They don’t just come across as the real deal. They are the real deal. (And they can prove it.)

Let's say you’re hiring a tax attorney, for example, to resolve your IRS issues. Do you care about their ability to debate political policies, speak in public or their golf handicap? Not likely! You care about their tax law competence and their track record of achieving targeted outcomes when dealing with the IRS.


When you have competence, it’s easy for you to provide proof that you can do what you claim. But just because proof is easy for you to recall and produce doesn’t mean you’ll remember to lay it on the table when it’s pertinent to do so.

When meeting with people for the first time, is imperative that you insert proof into your statements.

Demonstrate how your past achievements solved problems and produced outcomes that resulted in
those around you being:

  • Less stressed
  • Happier
  • More successful in their own right

Take some time to think of the best examples to present.

Preparing your examples in advance will:

  • Enable you to manage the stress of being in the "hot seat“
  • Keep you in the here and now, and stop you from disappearing down memory lane
  • Prevent you from bouncing back to past mistakes or losses that undermine your credibility
  • Stop you from anticipating or dwelling on possible future outcomes that get you overly excited

Balance yourself in the present and you’ll appear clear minded, prepared and strong, which in anyone’s book, is confident and competent.

Being able to back up your competence claims with specific examples, and solid references, builds trust.
Do this and you’ll be seen as both genuine and trustworthy.

Confidence and competence are the fuel you use to achieve. So when you have the opportunity to speak to your target market, whether you're networking with peers, or meeting with prospective clients or employers...

Present your confidence and competence as desirable benefits that deliver impact and measurable value!

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