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To all you coffee lovers out there

Wake up and drink up.
Wake up and drink up.
Keith A. Little

You want the best, and you will find it here. It is the pledge of this reporter to give you the tips of the trade. From your home, you can get the gourmet coffee that you get in the coffee shop, without too much extra work, and above all else, it is not hard to do.

In this publication, you will find different tricks that you can easily afford over going to the coffee shop everyday for your double shot latte or your frappuccino. It is easy for one to think that you will not be able to do this. Many people today pay large amounts of money for things that you could easily do if you had the know how to do it.

It is easier let someone else do it, you might say, but in truth you could more easily do it, and afford it much more often. With the economy, the way it is headed, you might want to take a look at this publication from time to time, instead of paying someone else to make the drink that you are more likely to perfect to your liking. Remember that many baristas are temporary employees, and most don't get to taste all of the drinks he or she makes to know if it is perfected to your liking.

So take the time now to subscribe to this publication, and start saving your dollars for a much more satisfying cup made right at your own home in your bunny slippers and pink shower robe.

Wake up and drink up with your new Coffee Examiner here in Chicago, Keith A. Little.