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TNT's 'The Private Lives of Nashville Wives' has potential to be a huge hit

Some of the ladies from "The Private Lives of Nashville Wives"
Some of the ladies from "The Private Lives of Nashville Wives"
Photo by Terry Wyatt/Getty Images

Reality television is quickly taking over programming. TNT isn't a huge network, but it is ready to cash in on the phenomenon. “The Private Lives of Nashville Wives” premieres tonight on the network and there is a huge audience waiting to eat it up. There is something that appeals to television fans when a group of women and their husbands are thrust into a reality show, and “The Private Lives of Nashville Wives” is no different. According to a Feb. 24 report from News Observer, the premiere episode is decent. As the season progresses the drama will escalate but the first episode is more about meeting the women and their husbands.

“The Private Lives of Nashville Wives” features some familiar faces including Erika Page White (former soap actress), Gary Chapman (Amy Grant's ex-husband), and Dallas Davidson (a country music songwriter). There is a special bond between Erika Page White and Cassie Chapman that some of the other women don't always understand. Their lives are centered around religion, and it is important that they take that to heart in every way. Rumor has it that as the season goes on, the Cuban-American twins Ana and Betty get a little on the mean side.

Because there is such a fan base for country music and reality television, “The Private Lives of Nashville Wives” has really great odds for being picked up. As more episodes air each of the ladies will develop their own fan base.

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