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TNT's hit premiers tonight

Eric Dane, star of The Last Ship on TNT
Photo by Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images for Turner

It’s not too late to catch one or both of tonight’s premiers on TNT. The Last Ship premieres tonight on TNT for the first time, and Falling Skies returns with the season premier that you cannot miss. Last night TNT teased audiences with a five minute preview for the two series. Falling Skies, of course, has been a summer hit for years now, but The Last Ship is new, and has an amazing cast.
The former doctors are taking over Sunday summers on TNT. Actor Noah Wyle stars in Falling Skies, and was once a star of the drama ER. When it comes to the new show, The Last Ship, Eric Dane stars, now that he was killed off of Gray’s Anatomy for a while, he needed to find a new gig.
Who else can we look forward to seeing in this new series? Adam Baldwin has been kicking around with a lot of roles in the past several years. He is most well remembered from Firefly and Chuck. Rhona Mitra is another familiar face to watch for. Her face is best remembered from Sweet Home Alabama and Shooter.
On The Last Ship, a serious outbreak occurs, the president dies. The one chance to save the remaining people is a ship which has never touched the outbreak. Their mission is to hopefully find a cure and save what is left of the world. They advertise that whoever has the cure will also hold control over the world, though others believe the world is not worth saving.
After the series premier, we return to a world in the middle of an epic war. Falling Skies returns to answer questions, bring tears to your eyes, and surprise you week after week, like usual. Watch as the characters continue to grow, change, and reach new obstacles and challenges. The world is no longer the way it was before the invasion, but maybe this season viewers will learn what will happen to the rest of humanity. Though they advertise that humanities end has yet to be written. The biggest question and teaser from this preview is, who is the person in red walking up to Tom Mason, and why do he and his son look so surprised to see her?
Tune into tonight on TNT.

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