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TNT's ‘Falling Skies’ killing off a main character? Shocking death worries fans

Noah Wyle is one of the characters on Falling Skies
Noah Wyle is one of the characters on Falling Skies
Photo by Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images

Fans of TNT’s “Falling Skies” should be ready for anything including one of the characters taking a permanent dirt nap. The popular show on cable has a steady following of fans who love all the characters who fight the aliens, but it appears that someone might not be too lucky in surviving in the distant future. According to Buddy TV on Sunday, the “Falling Skies” executive producer David Eick has hinted that a popular character might be killed before the season ends.

The idea of killing off popular characters isn't a surprise to fans of different TV shows. Usually done before the finale, but after the first few episodes, the idea is to bring the story to life and killing off a popular face in the series usually brings out the fans in full force to discuss the series. Other shows have seen that surprise deaths can change up the fan base in different ways, including having some fans upset at the shocking revelation that their favorite character is dead.

The details of how this intriguing series might be changed up in the weeks ahead has fans on edge. However everyone who loves the show should be aware that Eick is very aware that the season finale needs to have strong wrap up. Suggesting that “Falling Skies” will ends with some accomplishments and the conclusion will have a cliffhanger that is out of this world.

The site Comic Book is reporting on Sunday that the episode “Saturday Night Massacre,” (which airs on August 3) is expected to be the bloodiest battle of the series. Lexi emerges more powerful and ruthless than ever and there is a necessity to hold off the invading Espheni forces.

So who is going to meet their maker on “Falling Skies”? No hints from David Eick on what character might be hitting the dirt next and that’s just another reason for fans to tune in to see what happens firsthand. And to watch Noah Wyle and the cast battle the aliens who intend to invade the Earth.