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TNT picks up three new dramas


Noah Wyle will lead the alien resistance in 2011 

Last week, the Atlanta-based TNT ordered three new original dramas, slated to premiere in late 2010/2011.  The network has ordered 10 episodes each of Steven Spielberg's as yet untitled alien-invasion drama starring Noah Wyle, the George Clooney-produced Delta Blues, starring Jason Lee and finally, the Angie Harmon-helmed Rizzoli & Isles

Delta Blues and Rizzoli are scheduled to launch this year, while Spielberg's alien invasion is planned to start in 2011 (so start working on your aluminum hats now).  With these three new series, TNT can now boast to having ten original shows.

Angie Harmon will star in Rizzoli & Isles

Spielberg's alien-invasion series was written by Robert Rodat and it centers around Noah Wyle's Tom Mason, the leader of a battered band of alien-resistors, made up of both soldiers and civilians, who battle to survive in the now destroyed city of Boston.  Moon Bloodgood, from the recent Terminator: Salvation, Jessy Schram and Maxim Knight co-star.  Along with Rodat and Spielberg, Dreamworks Television's Justin Falvey and Darryl Frank will executive produce. 

This series will be TNT's first attempt at an original sci-fi drama.  "We want to challenge ourselves and our audience to expand our horizons while concentrating on what's working for us: character-based, populist-themed dramas," says head of programming Michael Wright.  With ABC's recent roll-out (and intense advertising) of its new alien series, V, it's possible that audiences will indeed be ready for another alien-invasion show by 2011. 

For more info: The Hollywood Reporter reports. 


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