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TNT Continues Steady growth: An Industry Veteran Returns

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By Paul Fitzgerald - When people talk about brand management, marketing and promotional products, chances are that Ken Pollock’s name will probably come up in conversation.

The 55 year-old Toronto, ON, native, has made a solid name for himself in the industry over the years.

Trust, ethics, leadership and his charming personality are key attributes to his successes and bragging rights for being a notable in his own right.

“The real trick in being a successful sales person is taking ownership, being honest, and taking care of each and every client and treat them like family,” says Pollock during an interview. “Once you win clients on the trust factor, and demonstrate that you are a leader and care then success is easily achievable.”

Pollock now holds the title as Senior Account Executive with The Next Trend (TNT) Designs Inc., a widely known marketing, advertising and promotional company based in Mississauga, ON - only a stone’s throw away from Toronto Pearson International Airport.

Over the years he has gained ample experience in sales and has even owned a number of businesses. He joined TNT as a sales representative in the early 2000’s, a position which he held for three years and from there took on other ventures with companies like R.J. McCarthy as Director of Corporate Sales, and Integrus Brand Solutions as a Senior Account Manager.

He is glad to have returned to TNT in his new role and he has big plans to grow the company even further.

“It’s great being back in the saddle at TNT,” says Pollock. “I consider my hiatus from TNT as a unique building experience and one which will have many positive benefits in growing TNT.”

He adds, “What I really like about being back here is that I get to work with a forward thinking team, all of whom are like family. Everyone gets along so well here and we all know the importance of meeting each client’s specific needs, creating new relationships which are based on top-notch service, trust, and integrity."

"This industry is always going through changes, especially in our hyper-digital-online-world."

“Sure, being active with social media and being in the press is vital in keeping your name front and centre,” he explains. “But interestingly enough our clients all want more personable interaction these days – more so than ever before. Budgets for companies have changed and so have staffing needs and while it’s a new digital world out there, it is still quite evident that we have gone back to the old-school-way of doing things. Our clients now are careful on how they spend their money; they will do more homework than ever before they buy; and they want more one-on-one interaction on a regular basis.”

With Pollock’s guidance and example, TNT is now ramping up its business line of online catalogue programs, direct mail-outs, premiums and incentives, executive gifts, and special giveaways.

“Providing tangible products and gifts are big sellers in our industry nowadays,” he says. “The online world has made life interesting for everyone, but these days our clients are big on giveaways and promotional items that connect and resonate with their audiences.”

He adds, “These are exciting times at TNT and our future looks bright. This place is dynamite… We have an amazing team and have all the right branding and promotional ideas in place that will take our clients as well to new heights.”

Rob Charlton and Janine Taylor, both co-founders and owners of The Next Trend Designs Inc., are thrilled with Pollock’s return to the TNT family.

“Ken is a leader in our industry as he is superb in working with our diverse pool of clients,” says Taylor. “He is open minded, flexible and simply great to work with. Most of all he is one who is fully in tune with our changing industry. His skill set and dedication to our clients in Canada and beyond certainly enhances our sales team and company.”