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TNT 'Cold Justice' Did male Gay lover or Cop drug dealer killer store owner?

Cold Justice” (TNT) is a reality TV docu-drama that has been picked up for a 3rd TV season beginning early 2015. The summer TV ratings of 2014 have averaged 2.3 million TV viewers overall. It has jumped 24% above the recent January winter broadcast. 10 brand new episodes have been ordered & the TV show will broadcast from more U.S. states.

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TNT Television

The first TV season premiered back on Tuesday Sept. 3, 2013. There were 8 episodes & TNT renewed it for a 2nd TV season on Oct. 8, that same year. 10 episodes were ordered by the network for that 2nd season beginning Jan. 17, 2014. The popularity of the TV show prompted TNT to add 8 additional episodes for a summer run beginning June 6, 2014.

This is a “rewind” back to season one, episode five called, “Hiding in Plain Sight” (10/01/2013). This is a cable TV show & due to the nature of the subject matter. Viewer discretion is advised. We follow a former prosecutor named Kelly Siegler & real crime scene investigator (CSI) Yolanda McClary, as they open a cold case.

Hiding in Plain Sight” opened with Kelly & Yolanda driving to Dickson County, Tennessee. A 32 year old man named Eric Baxter was shot to death in the home he shared with his mother (Aug. 20, 1998). They owned several convenience stores in the area. The gun murder weapon was never found. 15 years later, several suspects still remain.

Yolanda says that Eric's murder was over kill after multiple gunshots. She also is worried that there wasn't that much evidence found at the crime scene. That evidence doesn't point directly at one suspect completely. Alan Brown was brought in to help with this cold case who is an experienced homicide detective.

Eric was shot 6 times & the detectives conclude that it was a rage killing. Someone put the gun to Eric's temple forehead & pulled the trigger. They say he might have known his killer. Suspect Tommy Wortham had managed one of Eric's convenience stores. He was also running a small time drug operation in that store. Eric & his mom offered Tommy to buy the store, but took it back. Tommy was also a former cop in the county at that time.

Jerry Ragsdale became a suspect because investigators found that he was Eric's male lover for 10 years. Jerry initially lied about their relationship & then recanted his story. He was badly treated by Eric & had a key to Eric's home. Jerry was also Eric's employee. Yolanda figured that it might have been a crime of passion between the two male lovers.

All the detectives go back to the crime scene. The home looks exactly the way it did back in 1998. They walk through the homicide based on the blood evidence, dead body, gunshot wounds & time stamps. Who killed Eric? Was it his male lover? Or was it the cop drug dealer?

You can watch the full episode of “Hiding in Plain Sight” on YouTube.

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