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TNT 'Cold Justice' A good small town 'Mother' bludgeoned & stabbed to death

Cold Justice” (TNT) is a reality TV docu-drama that can be seen each Friday evening at 9/8 p.m. The first TV season premiered back on Tuesday Sept. 3, 2013. There were 8 episodes & TNT renewed it for a 2nd TV season on Oct. 8, that same year. 10 episodes were ordered by the network for that 2nd season beginning Jan. 17, 2014. The popularity of the TV show prompted TNT to add 8 additional episodes for a summer run beginning June 6, 2014.

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This is a “rewind” back to season one, episode two called, “Mother” (09/10/2013). This is a cable TV show & due to the nature of the subject matter. Viewer discretion is advised. We will follow a former prosecutor named Kelly Siegler & a real crime scene investigator Yoland McClary, as they open a cold case.

Mother” started with Kelly describing the day Aug. 26, 2006, when a 67 year old woman named, Mattie Williams went missing. She lived in the small town of Collinston, Louisiana. Mattie was called “mother” to everyone. Someone went to her home, searched through her purse & there was blood splattered on the floor. Mattie's dead body was found in a field four miles from her home.

Kelly & Yolanda met with local detectives to take a look at the case. Kelly says that the police focused too much on what they didn't have like the murder weapon. She wanted to focus on the evidence they did have. They bring in two seasoned detectives named, Johnny Bonds & Armando Perez to help with this case. They all come to the conclusion that Mattie was a victim of a robbery that took her life. Her murder has been cold for nearly 7 years.

They all believe that there might have been two robbers. They also think that there were two knives used to stab Mattie to death. As Yolanda talks, there are photos showing the knife wounds on Mattie's body. Plus, she was bludgeoned on the head with an unknown object that left a strange mark. Stanley Miller is suspect number “1”, who was seen driving around Mattie's home several days before the murder. Feddy Miller is suspect number “2”, who was seen with Stanley down the road. Renwick Jackson is suspect number “3”, who knew Mattie & a paycheck stub made out to him was found on Mattie's kitchen table.

The detectives again question the family of the victim, the witnesses & suspects. They also want to figure out how Mattie was actually killed & what mystery object that left its' mark on her head. They continue to wait for the DNA testing to see if it matches any suspect or brings new information into Mattie's murder. (These small towns don't have the DNA equipment or the money to receive DNA analysis).

As the investigation unfolds, one of Mattie's sons might become a suspect. What does he know? Did all three suspects attack Mattie for money? Who bludgeoned her on the head & with what? You can watch the full episode of “Mother” at YouTube.

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