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TNM gives tongue-in-cheek salute to Obama speech

AUSTIN -- The Texas Nationalist Movement is welcoming whole-heartedly President Barack Obama's call for Israel to pull back to borders it established in combat nearly 50 years ago -- and is challenging the President to support the same high ideals for the people of Texas.

A tongue-in-cheek letter from Texas Nationalist Movement president Daniel Miller salutes Obama's embrace of self-determination for the Palestinian people and demands the President apply the same standard to the people of Texas.

"It seems that you and your administration have a desire to allow people the right of self-determination and return things to 'the way that they were,'" Miller's letter notes. "Given your recent rhetoric and actions in support of the right of a people to live free from autocratic governments and the direction of the United States government, I am sure that you will understand why Texas wants this."

Miller's letter asks Mr. Obama to take three steps: return the United States to its pre-1845 borders with regards to Texas (returning Texas to an independent status), recognize Texas' independence and sovereignty, and that the U.S. take no retributive action.

Miller's tongue-in-cheek jibe apparently preceded a similar call from the Prime Minister of Israel, who has flatly rejected the notion that his tiny nation return to its 1967 borders.

A report by Daniel Friedman at the Andrew Breitbart media-critique website quotes Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu as echoing Obama's sympathy for the Palestinian people by embracing a similar sympathy for Mexicans.

“Tens of thousands of ordinary Mexicans were driven out of their homes – the only homes they had known for centuries – and forced to live in poverty and squalor south of the border imposed by American aggression,” Netanyahu is quoted in Friedman's report. “The Israeli and Mexican people agree on this: This festering wound will never heal until America takes bold steps to return to the internationally accepted lines of 1845. Clearly the settlement activity that’s taken place in occupied Mexico since then is illegal."

Nehanyatu's statement appears to intentionally blur the fact that Texas was already independent from Mexico at the time of the Mexican-American War of 1846-48. Miller, however, took the comment in stride.

"We appreciate Prime Minister Netanyahu's support of the self-determination of the people of Texas," Miller said. "Texas and Texans are and have always been friends of the Israeli people -- and unlike some in Washington D.C., we recognize the fact that in all the Middle East only Israel truly practices free government."

Miller's letter to Obama even offered the President a "spin" angle to use in supporting Texas' drive for independence.
"P.S. Let's not call it secession," Miller wrote. "We can play off of the 'Arab Spring' that you supported and call it 'Texas Summer.' Has a nice ring doesn't it?


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