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TNA Wrestling: The reason the X-Division title changed hands in Japan

TNA Wrestling: The reason Seiya Sanada won X Division title
2for6 at Wikimedia Commons

TNA Impact Wrestling had a big one-night-only pay-per-event in Japan last weekend and two different TNA titles changed hands. This is unusual because the U.S. wrestling fans won't see this event until later in the year. According to PWS on March 4, the title changes will still be recognized and the X-Division title will remain in the hands of the new champion for awhile.

Austin Aries had just won the X-Division title from Chris Sabin, two of the best wrestlers in the division in TNA Wrestling. However, the word is that TNA wants to make the X-Division more about high flying, fast matches once again instead of the more technical style of an Aries.

As a result, Japanese star Seiya Sanada beat Austin Aries on the pay-per-view to win the X-Division title. Now, word is that Sanada will come to America and become a regular wrestler on TNA Impact Wrestling's television show.

This should be easy to accomplish since they record a month's worth of shows at one time, so he would only need to fly in for a weekend and then head back home to Japan until the next TV taping or pay-per-view event. It appears now that TNA will look for more high flyers for the division, as both Kenny King and Manic are about to return as well.

The other title that changed hands was the tag team titles, as The Bro Mans beat The Wolves and the team of Kaz Hayashi and Shuji Kondo. The Wolves had just won the titles at a house show, and since they lost them before the "Lockdown" pay-per-view, nothing will appear changed heading into the big TNA Impact Wrestling weekend.

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