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TNA Wrestling spoilers: The Wolves possibly winning the tag titles soon

TNA Wrestling to put tag titles on The Wolves
TNA Wrestling to put tag titles on The Wolves
Ring of Honor Wrestling

TNA Impact Wrestling just started their new story lines for the new year, which includes a new "investor" in MVP and two newly arrived stars in The Wolves, Davey Richards and Eddie Edwards. According to PWS on Feb. 9, it sounds like the company may be putting their tag team titles onto The Wolves very soon.

There was a contingent who wanted The Wolves to immediately win the TNA tag team titles on their recent UK tour, which includes all the television shows through most of March. However, they chose not to pull the trigger because some in charge felt the team was too new to hold titles.

There are people backstage, specifically Bully Ray, who have become very protective of The Wolves and is making sure they are booked properly to not damage their name value. Of course, both men come in as former Ring of Honor world champions and Richards has been known as one of the best indie wrestlers of the last few years.

There was also concern that if the company took the titles off of the Bro Mans and put them on a new team, it would kill the Bro Mans push and they are finally getting over as solid heels.

However, the co-promotional work between TNA Impact Wrestling and Great Muta's Wrestle-1 in Japan will see a talent exchange for various shows. The only two tag promoted for the upcoming TNA/Wrestle-1 pay-per-view are The Wolves and Bad Influence and the tag team titles are supposed to be on the line at that show.

Whether this means that TNA Impact Wrestling will put the titles on The Wolves before that or just change the promotion remains to be seen.

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