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TNA Wrestling spoilers: Results from night 2 of 'Genesis'

TNA Wrestling sees Sting lose match with contract on the line
TNA Wrestling sees Sting lose match with contract on the line

While the last episode of "TNA Impact Wrestling" was live, they taped the second part of the special "Genesis" immediately after the first event. That means that next weeks second part of "Genesis" spoilers are now online and there is an important result that could influence the future of TNA Impact Wrestling. According to PWInsider on Jan. 17, Sting lost a match with his contract on the line.

In TNA, there is no telling when something is real and when something is part of the storyline. That is actually a good thing, but it gets frustrating for those Internet fans who want to know what is happening behind the scenes.

Last year when Hulk Hogan quit TNA Impact Wrestling on television, it was an angle that was based on Hogan really leaving the company. Hogan has now reached a verbal agreement to return to the WWE for this year's "Wrestlemania 30" weekend.

When AJ Styles left the company as the world champion, his contract was really expiring and he wasn't agreeing to a new contract yet. Now, he has left the company and is wrestling for the independent wrestling companies including the nationally syndicated Ring of Honor Wrestling.

When Jeff Hardy quit the company on live television, it was a storyline and was just done to give him time off of television since the UK tour is about to start and he can't travel due to past legal problems. Hardy is still a member of TNA Impact Wrestling.

Now, Sting has lost to Magnus, and as a result, Magnus ripped up his contract and Sting is gone from TNA Impact Wrestling in storyline terms. However, his contract is also about to expire and WWE rumors indicate that they are in talks with Sting to jump to the WWE. The truth won't be known until a contract, one way or the other, is signed.

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