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TNA wrestling rumors: Will Jeff Jarrett and Toby Keith's new promotion kill TNA?

Jeff Jarrett and Toby Keith to start new wrestling promotion
Jeff Jarrett and Toby Keith to start new wrestling promotion
TNA Impact Wrestling

There have been a lot of rumors surrounding TNA Impact Wrestling over the past few months, including rumors that it was for sale and one prospective buyer was someone huge in the music business. While those rumors have died down, PWInsider reported on Jan. 6 that TNA founder Jeff Jarrett and country music superstar Toby Keith are planning to start their own promotion.

The early rumors thought Billy Corgan might be the mysterious musician wanting to buy TNA Impact Wrestling, but he was always considered to be not rich enough to do it on his own. However, Toby Keith is one of the highest paid musicians in the world, ranked fourth by making $65 million in 2013 alone and $270 million over the last five years. He also owns 18 restaurants and has his own mescal line.

Toby Ketih has the money to kickstart a wrestling promotion.

When TNA Impact Wrestling low balled AJ Styles, they lost their biggest name star that they built. When Jeff Jarrett saw which way the promotion was headed, and then watched AJ Styles walk away, he quit. TNA Impact Wrestling accepted him resignation and President Dixie Carter, whose parents own the promotion, now runs things herself.

Now, it looks like Toby Keith is no longer interested in buying TNA Impact Wrestling and he is rumored to be joining up with Jeff Jarrett to start their own wrestling promotion. With Jarrett's connections, don't be surprised to see a number of TNA originals jump ship when their contracts expire to re-join Jarrett.

It should also be noted that the WWE is currently shopping their shows to television networks. The WWE feels they deserve at least as much as the $200 million the NHL makes per year and they have guaranteed that whoever wins the bidding will immediately be one of the top rated networks on TV based on WWE programming alone.

Spike TV, who carries TNA Impact Wrestling, is rumored to be considering bidding for "WWE Smackdown," believing it would be a better lead-in for Bellator MMA than TNA Impact Wrestling.

If that happens, TNA Impact Wrestling would be without a network home and they just lost their studio at Universal after telling everyone they were returning there for good. A Jeff Jarrett and Toby Keith wrestling promotion, especially one that could easily bring in AJ Styles to lead, could be the nail in the coffin for TNA Impact Wrestling.

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