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TNA Wrestling rumors: Toby Keith almost bought TNA Wrestling last year

Last year there was some huge TNA Impact Wrestling rumors that a major musical star was in talks to buy the company. Janice Carter, the mother of Dixie Carter, sent out a memo that said that TNA was not for sale. According to PWS on Feb. 8, that was a lie because Toby Keith was actually in the process of buying the company at the time.

Toby Keith almost bought TNA Wrestling
Toby Keith almost bought TNA Wrestling
Photo by Rick Diamond
Toby Keith almost bought TNA Impact Wrestling
Photo by Rick Diamond

The deal was being worked out between Panda Energy's Bob Carter, the father of Dixie Carter, and the partnership of Toby Keith and TNA founder Jeff Jarrett. Keith had an offer that Bob Carter liked and they were set to finalize the sale of TNA to Jarrett and Keith.

However, the problem was that Bob Carter wanted one stipulation. He wanted his daughter to remain an on-screen star as the fictional TNA President but also wanted her to retain some power within in the company.

That was the deal breaker. Neither Toby Keith nor Jeff Jarrett wanted to buy a company and have creative limitations on how they ran it. They realized that they could just start their own company from the ground up and have complete control. That is when Jeff Jarrett re-signed from his backstage position with TNA Impact Wrestling.

The big news for Jeff Jarrett and Toby Keith is that Jarrett already built TNA from the ground up and still has contacts at CMT, where TNA aired before moving to Spike TV. Toby Keith, one of the most successful country music singers working today, also has strong connections with CMT, so their new company could already have a home and will just need to sign their stars.

Jeff Jarrett has indicated that his big announcement probably won't come until after "Wrestlemania 30," so it is not buried by the huge WWE event.