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TNA Wrestling rumors: Chris Sabin most recent to leave company

TNA Wrestling rumors: Chris Saban most recent to leave company
TNA Wrestling rumors: Chris Saban most recent to leave company
Photo by Mike Kalasnik / Flickr Commons

TNA Impact Wrestling has been losing a ton of original talent lately. The most recent rumors have been that when Christopher Daniels and Kazarian’s contracts end in the next few weeks, they will leave the company. Wrestle Zone reported on Sunday that TNA Wrestling rumors indicate that Chris Sabin also chose not to re-sign with the company when his contract expired.

Sabin’s contract expired over the weekend, so the “One Night Only” pay-per-views will be his final matches with the company. Much like A.J. Styles, TNA Wrestling wanted him to take a major pay cut. Sabin refused the new deal.

Sabin has been off of TNA Wrestling television since their “TNA Lockdown” pay-per-view. Christopher Daniels and Kazarian have also been off TV since that time. The TNA Wrestling rumors indicated that they were leaving as well, and Sabin’s departure seems to be a warning sign. Sabin won the TNA World Championship in 2013.

Cowboy James Storm’s contract was also coming to an end. He is the only wrestler left in the company who wrestled on the very first TNA Impact Wrestling television show. He has remained on TV since “TNA Lockdown” and the reason seems to be clear. Bob Ryder announced that Storm has re-signed with TNA on a multi-year deal. The James Storm TNA contract was confirmed by John Gaburick, who is the head creative writer for TNA Impact Wrestling.

Also missing from television over the last TV taping was Samoa Joe. While it was reported that he has a concussion, explaining his absence, Joe refuted those TNA Wrestling rumors. According to Samoa Joe himself, he is not injured at all. However, Joe’s contract does expire sometime this year as well.

According to reports, TNA Wrestling is working on more extensions. There is also the real possibility that those who do re-sign will do so for a lower amount than they are used to. With Jeff Jarrett announcing last week that he is starting Global Force Wrestling, there is now a place for the disenfranchised to wrestle if they choose to leave TNA Impact Wrestling.

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