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TNA Wrestling news: Von Erich family heading to ‘Slammiversary’

Von Erich family heading to ‘Slammiversary’
Von Erich family heading to ‘Slammiversary’
Photo from Pro Wrestling NOAH Twitter

One of the biggest families in professional wrestling history is heading for TNA Impact Wrestling in June. The pay-per-view event “Slammiversary” will see the return to the mainstream for the legendary Von Erich family. According to the Dallas Morning News on Friday, Ross and Marshall Von Erich will make their debuts in TNA Impact Wrestling with their father Kevin Von Erich watching from ringside.

In the 80s, the Von Erich family was the most popular family in professional wrestling. In an era where the WWE was just starting to take off, there was no one outside of Hulk Hogan that brought the fan reaction that the Von Erich boys brought. Kerry Von Erich even wrestled in the WWE for a short time as The Texas Tornado.

However, tragedy destroyed the entire fabric of the Von Erich family. David Von Erich died in Japan of a possible drug overdose, Mike Von Erich committed suicide after toxic shock syndrome destroyed his body, Kerry Von Erich committed suicide in the middle of legal problems involving drug arrests and the loss of his leg, and Chris Von Erich committed suicide when depression got the best of him. Kevin Von Erich was the last surviving Von Erich.

Kevin Von Erich made the smart decision to retire early and leave the sport of wrestling. He also left the state of Texas and has been living in Hawaii since then. Outside of random appearances at WWE events, including the WWE Hall of Fame where he accepted the induction for his family, Kevin has not been seen. However, his sons have decided to follow the family name.

Now, Kevin Von Erich will return to Texas for the first time in almost a decade as his sons make their debut. Von Erich said that he couldn’t miss his sons making their Texas debut, the state where the Von Erichs ruled supreme. Ross and Marshall Von Erich got their training in Japan at Pro Wrestling NOAH and came up wrestling somewhere that their family name wouldn’t be a hindrance. Who the Von Erich boys face in TNA Impact Wrestling is still to be announced.