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TNA wrestling news: Universal Studios no longer open for 'Impact' tapings

TNA Impact Wrestling loses deal with Universal Studios
TNA Impact Wrestling loses deal with Universal Studios
TNA Impact Wrestling

As TNA Impact Wrestling enters 2014, the company was looking to completely change how they ran their business. The first changes was cutting back on the amount of wrestler's contracts, causing some big names to leave. The second change was to go back to taping their "TNA Impact Wrestling" TV show at one location - Universal Studios. However, reported on Jan. 4 that Universal Studios is booked for much of 2014 and TNA Wrestling will have to hit the road again for their TV show.

TNA Impact Wrestling returned to Universal Studios and taped a large number of shows that stretched into the first part of 2014. TNA released press releases that said that their home base would be Universal Studios once again, as it was before they started traveling the country.

It didn't last.

This Thursday's edition of "TNA Impact Wrestling" will be the last taped at Universal Studios and will also be AJ Styles' final appearance with the company. The company will tape more shows in Alabama and then head to Europe for their big overseas tour and will record a lot of TV shows over in Europe.

The Europe tour is why Jeff Hardy quit the company in storyline purposes since he can't travel overseas due to his criminal past. With them recording so many shows in Europe, that will extend their shows at least through March. After that, TNA Wrestling will have to figure out what they will do next since their Universal Studios plans fell through.