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TNA Wrestling news: TNA spreading rumors that American Wolves turned down WWE

TNA Wrestling claims American Wolves turned down WWE
TNA Wrestling claims American Wolves turned down WWE
TNA Impact Wrestling

In some interesting news, TNA Impact Wrestling has started to circulate some stories that claim the American Wolves chose not to sign with the WWE. According to PWS on Jan. 21, the American Wolves claimed they turned down the longer try-out with the WWE to instead sign with TNA Impact Wrestling.

This flies in the face of previous rumors that indicated that The American Wolves had their longer try-out rescinded by Triple H and were not invited back. As always, the truth is probably somewhere in between the two.

The original story was that The American Wolves showed up at NXT for a try-out match and battled The Ascension. When the match ended, it sounded like everyone was happy with the way it turned out and both Davey Richards and Eddie Edwards were invited back for a longer try-out as "interns."

If they continued to impress WWE officials, they would be called up as a tag team. However after that, more rumors circulate that Triple H was angry at the two because Davey was dropped on his head in the match and Triple H told the referee to get the match over with. However, the four men continued on for longer and then finished. Triple H allegedly was angry that they did not end when he told them to and cancelled the longer try-outs for the Wolves.

The American Wolves then showed up on TNA Impact Wrestling last week and it turned out that they had signed a new one-year deal with TNA. Now, TNA is spreading the word that it was Davey Richards and Eddie Edwards who rejected the longer try-out, and not Triple H, and that was so they could sign with TNA Impact Wrestling.

It is probably a better opportunity for them. The WWE seems to be phasing out signing any new "indie" looking talents, so the American Wolves probably would have made more money but would not have gotten a very big chance in the WWE. In TNA Impact Wrestling, they are immediate stars.

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