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TNA Wrestling news: TNA asking wrestlers to take pay cuts

TNA Wrestling trying more budget cuts
TNA Wrestling trying more budget cuts
TNA Impact Wrestling

TNA Impact Wrestling has been truing to cut costs in any way possible over the last year, and that resulted in them pre-taping shows instead of airing live every week and losing a number of top stars. Now, reported on Feb. 28 that TNA is asking even more wrestlers to take pay cuts with the company.

TNA is doing this in one of two ways. They are asking wrestlers whose contracts are about to expire to take pay cuts, much like they did AJ Styles. Second, they are asking wrestlers who have time left on their contracts to restructure them for as much as half of what they were making to "help the company."

One wrestler even commented "before you know it, they'll be charging wrestlers to perform."

The cost cutting started last year when TNA Impact Wrestling made it clear they wouldn't pay Hulk Hogan anything close to what they were. As a result Hogan left the company and is back with the WWE again. AJ Styles left when he was asked to take a pay cut of half of what he was making. After 12 years with the company, Styles took it as an insult and left as well.

Sting was the next to go and rumors have it Kurt Angle will also leave when his contract expires later this year. With names like Christopher Daniels and Kazarian coming up on the expiration of their contracts, it will be interesting to see if they stay or go.

Also, with former TNA owner Jeff Jarrett about to open a new wrestling promotion, with possibly a TV contract in hand, one wonders if TNA's cast off stars will join him and compete against the company that cut their pay.

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