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TNA Wrestling news: Taz talks about future of TNA and ‘smart mark’ fans

Taz talks about future of TNA and ‘smart mark’ fans
Taz talks about future of TNA and ‘smart mark’ fans
TNA Impact Wrestling

A lot of online Internet fans have been predicting the end of TNA Impact Wrestling for years now. Many of these fans are known as “smart marks,” meaning they know about the behind-the-scenes information and like to break down what they think is wrong with the business. According to PWS on Feb. 3, TNA Impact Wrestling announcer Taz spoke about these “smart marks” and their prognosis of TNA.

He mentioned how these fans claimed for years that TNA Impact Wrestling was going out of business and gave his opinion on that prognosis.

“Enough with that. They’re not going out of business,” Taz said. “As long as you have a TV contract, you’re not going out of business. As long as you have a niche audience that you have with over a million people 52 weeks a year with original programming on worldwide TV; you’re not going out of business. That’s for all you smart marks because you think you know everything and you really don’t. “

Taz has a point here. TNA Impact Wrestling doesn’t come close to the WWE’s numbers. The old school “WWE Monday Night Raw” episode brought in four million viewers and the WWE is always at the top of the cable ratings each week. TNA Impact Wrestling usually gets around a 1.0 rating and brings in just over one million viewers an episode.

Taz admits that TNA Wrestling has had a rough year, losing names like Hulk Hogan, Sting and AJ Styles, but he said this happens everywhere, including the WWE, Ring of Honor and in the old days, ECW and WCW. He pointed out that Internet fans back in the ‘90s thought the ECW was perfect but, as someone who wrestled there, it wasn’t and there were a lot of problems in ECW as well.

Taz also said that, if he ran TNA Impact Wrestling, he would do the opposite of everything that the WWE was doing to make sure that it was something different.

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