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TNA Wrestling news: New director of operations named at ‘Impact’ taping

TNA Impact Wrestling held one of their live Impact tapings on Thursday night and then taped the next week’s show after the taping. On the live show, MVP used all his power as the director of operations to allow Bobby Lashley to win the TNA world title from Eric Young. However, when they taped the next show, that story continued on with a huge spoiler on how the company dealt with MVP’s actions.

Photos of Kurt Angle, TNA Impact Wrestling
Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images
Kurt Angle, TNA Impact Wrestling
Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images

Kurt Angle was named the new director of operations of TNA Impact Wrestling. This is a huge move. Angle is out of action until September following his MCL surgery. Angle’s contract with TNA Impact Wrestling ends before that, so it is obvious that TNA wants to get their money worth before that happens. Plus, if Angle wants to return to the WWE, he wants to remain in the public eye.

This could be a win-win for both sides. While Angle can’t wrestle, he can still work as an on-camera character. The only real problem here is that Angle is playing the exact same role that MVP was playing a couple of months ago. Dixie Carter was the on-screen authority figure and abused her power regularly. She lost her authority to MVP in a match and the face MVP was put in charge.

MVP then turned heel in short time and aligned himself with Lashley and Kenny King. At that point, TNA Impact Wrestling was back to where they were months before with Carter. The big difference is that MVP is a wrestler and delivers quality promos while Carter was a waste of space in her on-screen role. Now, with Angle in charge, TNA Impact Wrestling is going back to a face authority figure.

With Bobby Lashley as the new TNA Impact Wrestling champion, MVP should slide right into the role as the head of a nice faction in the company. Angle can work as an authority figure until his contract expires. When the end of summer comes, TNA Impact Wrestling will know more about their future, especially their TV contracts, and the company can try to gain some traction.

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