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TNA Wrestling news: Kurt Angle undergoes surgery on his knee

TNA news: Kurt Angle surgery
TNA news: Kurt Angle surgery
TNA Impact Wrestling

After a month of controversy concerning whether or not Kurt Angle would finally take time off to have knee surgery, it sounds like Angle finally did the right thing. According to on Feb. 18, Angle finally underwent knee surgery and should be out until sometime in March.

Angle was on the U.K. tour with TNA Impact Wrestling and was said to look like he was in pretty bad shape. While Angle himself denied that he was in bad shape, pictures were taken of him in a wheelchair when he was not in action.

However, he didn't look bad when he was in the ring, turning in great performances including an amazing moonsault from off the top of a steel cage. Then again, Kurt Angle refuses to give less than 100 percent in his matches.

Well, despite his denial that the injuries were that bad, Angle went in to have arthroscopic knee surgery, which was said to be a success. It was a simple procedure that was just done to clean out his knee. The word is that there is no cartilage left in that knee, but it is the same condition Chris Jericho wrestled through a few years ago and his knee began to grow new cartilage over time.

The angle to take Kurt Angle out of action in TNA Impact Wrestling was a brutal attack by Ethan Carter III. While some writers in the company wanted Angle to return quickly for revenge leading to a steel cage match at "Lockdown," it looks like Angle played it smart and underwent surgery instead. He is expected to return after the "Lockdown" PPV.

The next TNA Impact Wrestling television taping will be on March 13 at Universal Studios in Orlando.

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