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TNA Wrestling news: Kurt Angle rips into management on UK tour

Kurt Angle blows up at TNA Impact Wrestling management
Kurt Angle blows up at TNA Impact Wrestling management
TNA Impact Wrestling

It is a strange difference between the WWE and TNA Impact Wrestling. When rumors went around that Kurt Angle was considering returning to the WWE, many thought he would fail his physical and not be allowed to wrestle. However, PWS reported on Feb. 3 that Kurt Angle just blew up at TNA management for continuing to make him work on the UK tour.

The word is that Kurt Angle has looked really bad on the UK tour but has been putting in the best matches possible while injured. He was even seen recently in a wheelchair because of his severe injuries.

The word is that Kurt Angle needs surgery, and agreed to head overseas for the UK tour since Jeff Hardy couldn't be there and Sting was leaving the company. In the television taping at Scotland, an angle was shot where he was destroyed by continuous chair shots. This was supposed to be a way to write him off TV in order to have his surgery.

The next night, TNA creative writers booked Kurt Angle to run in on the next TV show and Angle blew a gasket. He didn't understand why he needed to perform a run in after getting destroyed with chairs. If the chair attack was supposed to lead to his surgery, wouldn't running in to a match ruin that motive?

Now, it appears that TNA Impact Wrestling also wants Kurt Angle to wrestle at the "Lockdown" pay-per-view against Ethan Carter III, which means they want him to continue to put off the surgery he so desperately needs. If they aren't careful, they could end Angle's career sooner than he hoped.