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TNA Wrestling News: Kazarian talks leaving TNA and how it’s changed

Kazarian talks leaving TNA Impact Wrestling
Kazarian talks leaving TNA Impact Wrestling
Photo from Kazarian / Twitter

TNA Impact Wrestling has lost a number of its homegrown talents, including AJ Styles, Christopher Daniels and Chris Saban. The latest to leave is Frankie Kazarian, who has been with TNA almost since the beginning. Kazarian did an interview on Wednesday and talked about leaving the company and the possible future of TNA Impact Wrestling.

While Styles and Saban left the company because TNA Impact Wrestling offered them lowball contracts, the deal with Kazarian and Daniels was different. Both members of the Bad Influence tag team said that TNA just stopped using them and had nothing lined up for them in the future. Kazarian sees this as a lost opportunity.

When TNA Impact Wrestling signed The American Wolves tag team of Davey Richards and Eddie Edwards, Kazarian said that the idea excited him. He said they had just been drifting along with no direction up to that time. He said that the thought of the American Wolves and Bad Influence feuding was an exciting prospect, but the matchmakers in TNA didn’t see it the same way.

Kazarian also said that he didn’t really feel like he was leaving TNA Impact Wrestling. The reason for that comment is that he feels the company is no longer the TNA that he wrestled in for the last decade. He said that when the company chose not to bring back AJ Styles, followed by Jeff Jarrett leaving, it was clear that the company was changing into something different. Kazarian also touched on the fact that he was told that TNA Impact Wrestling was not for sale, but believes that it was up in the air at one time.

Kazarian will next show up in Ring of Honor Wrestling with Christopher Daniels as Bad Influence. There was a promo after the Ring of Honor “War of the Worlds” Internet pay-per-view last weekend with Daniels saying he was coming, and hinting he wasn’t coming alone. Then someone stepped in front of the camera wearing a shirt that looked like Kazarian’s, but blurred out. Kazarian’s contract with TNA ends on June 1, so expect an official announcement to come after that.