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TNA Wrestling news: Former WWE star debuts in TNA as an 'investor'

MVP makes TNA Impact Wrestling debut
MVP makes TNA Impact Wrestling debut

Last week on TNA Impact Wrestling, the newly signed American Wolves announced that there was a new investor in the company who had the power to sign contracts and fire people. They said he would appear this week and TNA didn't disappoint as former WWE superstar MVP made his TNA debut on the Jan. 30 episode of "Impact Wrestling."

The MVP TNA Wrestling debut came at the very end of the show and was only for mere seconds before it ended, but the rest of the show featured a nicely told story that led up to the moment.

The show started with Magnus, EC3 and Rockstar Spud in the ring and Magnus bragged about chasing off AJ Styles, Sting and Jeff Hardy (two of them are legitimately gone now). Samoa Joe and Kurt Angle interrupted the promo and they challenged Magnus and EC3 to a match where if they lost, they would both leave TNA Impact Wrestling as well, but if they won the winner would be the new number one contender.

Magnus accepted and then when Dixie Carter came out and said she wouldn't allow it, Magnus accepted anyway since the fans were all chanting that he was just a "paper champion."

The guy who was really responsible for Styles and Sting's loss was Bobby Roode and both Samoa Joe and Kurt Angle made strong threats against him backstage. When Dixie Carter said Roode couldn't get a world title match at "Lockldown," he said no more favors.

Later in the show, the American Wolves showed up and said the investor was here. When Rockstar Spud tried to find out who it was, they kicked his chest in and said that the new investor said that if anyone interfered in the main event, they would be fired.

Samoa Joe and Kurt Angle won the "Impact Wrestling" main event when Magnus tapped out to Joe, making Samoa Joe the new number one contender. When Dixie Carter came out, she demanded to know who the new investor was and that brought out The American Wolves and MVP as the show ended.

Next week, MVP and Dixie Carter will face off, but the former WWE superstar has made his TNA Impact Wrestling debut and a new storyline has begun.

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