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TNA Wrestling news: Christopher Daniels officially leaving company

Christopher Daniels leaving TNA Impact Wrestling
Christopher Daniels leaving TNA Impact Wrestling
Photo by Hugo Fernandes / Flickr Commons

Christopher Daniels is one of the TNA originals that the company was built on, but much like AJ Styles, Daniels is on his way out of TNA Impact Wrestling. PWS reported on Friday that agent Bill Behrens just sent out the word that Christopher Daniels and Frankie Kazarian are taking independent bookings. The wording indicates that they can appear on DVD, Internet pay-per-views and television.

When wrestlers are under a contract with TNA Impact Wrestling, they cannot appear for another promotion on television, pay-per-view or DVDs. That means that, when their contracts expire in the next few weeks, they likely won’t re-sign. They will join Chris Sabin and AJ Styles as long-time TNA competitors to leave the company.

AJ Styles had been with TNA Impact Wrestling since their first ever show when they aired as a weekly pay-per-view. Chris Sabin and Frankie Kazarian debuted shortly thereafter, interesting both with the same nickname – “The Future.” Daniels was involved in one of the first big TNA storylines as part of the group Triple X.

The Bill Behrens announcement stated that Christopher Daniels was taking independent bookings. It referred to Daniels as a four-time X-Division champion and eight-time TNA/NWA tag team champion. It also noted his TV title and two tag team titles in Ring of Honor. Finally, it said that Daniels was also available to appear as Curry Man and that Kazarian was available for bookings as well.

While TNA Impact Wresting is losing their biggest stars, that are busy signing smaller, less expensive, names to long-term contracts. The biggest signing was James Storm, who is also a TNA original, but seems content in the company. They also signed Robbie-E and Gunner to multi-year deals and just announced that TNA signed Rockstar Spud to a multi-year deal as well. While Spud is entertaining, the choices show the directing TNA Impact Wrestling is headed.