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TNA Wrestling news: Austin Aries talks about who he wants TNA to sign

Austin Aries talks about who he wants TNA to sign
Austin Aries talks about who he wants TNA to sign
TNA Impact Wrestling

Austin Aries has been a pretty outspoken wrestler when it comes to promoting TNA Impact Wrestling and he was talking about how important signing Davey Richards and Eddie Edwards was for the company. According to EWrestling News on March 9, Aries also talked about two more Ring of Honor Wrestling stars he would like to see join TNA.

When it came to Richards and Edwards, Aries said that The Wolves making their TNA Impact Wrestling debut was important to keep the product fresh. He said it is important to recycle and cultivate the product to keep it from being stale.

As for who he said he would like to see added to the TNA Impact Wrestling roster, he mentioned both Jimmy Jacobs and Roderick Strong. This is a fun comment since both wrestlers are involved in an angle in Ring of Honor Wrestling where they are calling themselves the backbone of Ring of Honor and are fighting against people who have used it as a springboard to either the WWE or TNA.

Their faction started when they beat up Eddie Edwards in his final match before he and Davey Richards left Ring of Honor for their WWE try outs.

Strong actually wrestled in TNA Impact Wrestling back from 2005-06 and his debut was against Austin Aries. He later formed a stable with Aries and Alex Shelley in 2006 but both men were suspended after being four hours late for a PPV and Strong was released. Jacobs has never wrested in TNA Impact Wrestling.