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TNA Wrestling news: AJ Styles talks about walking away from TNA

TNA: AJ Styles talks about leaving TNA Impact Wrestling
TNA: AJ Styles talks about leaving TNA Impact Wrestling
TNA Impact Wrestling

When AJ Styles and TNA Impact Wrestling could not reach an agreement to bring him back to the company, it sent shock waves through TNA. If AJ Styles was cut loose, was anyone safe. According to on Jan. 21, AJ Styles did a recent interview and said that he chose to walk away to do what was best for himself.

Styles said that he felt it was best for him to take a break from TNA Impact Wrestling, after wrestling for the company for the past 12 years. He said that the two sides couldn't reach an agreement on his contract and he grew tired of waiting and decided to just step away to start making money for his family again.

The pay cut that TNA Impact Wrestling was asking AJ Styles to take was pretty substantial, but was still more than he would make in most other companies.

While Styles said he was leaving the door open to return to TNA Impact Wrestling down the line, the company might have hard feelings against him. He said that TNA thought he was ready to accept their lower contract and sign on with them, but he said that he was going to wrestle for Ring of Honor Wrestling instead.

Styles signed for one big appearance at the Ring of Honor television tapings, including a big match with Roderick Strong. After he told them he was heading to Ring of Honor, something else happened and he signed on for more appearances with ROH. AJ Styles did say that the two sides are still trying to work things out but he won't wait on TNA Impact Wrestling and will keep wrestling until they make up their minds.