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TNA Wrestling news: 3 wrestlers sign new multi-year contracts

TNA Wrestling news: 3 wrestlers sign new multi-year contracts
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It seems like every time TNA Impact Wrestling is in the news, it is bad news for fans who watch another star walking away. Recently, names like AJ Styles, Sting and Chris Sabin said goodbye to the company. According to PWS on Tuesday, TNA Impact Wrestling signed three of their stars to multi-year contracts.

Out of the three, one is a major star, another is a huge up-and-comer and the third is someone that TNA has been high on over the last year. TNA Impact Wrestling announced the signing of James Storm, Gunner and Robbie E to the multi-year deals. The most recent was Robbie-E who was announced through a Twitter message from the head writer for TNA Impact Wrestling.

Meanwhile, former TNA World Champion Chris Sabin left the company over the weekend. Both Christopher Daniels and Kazarian are likely leaving as well in the next few weeks. Kurt Angle will also likely finish his time with the company this summer. The TNA rumors are that the reason AJ Styles and Chris Sabin left was because they were offered deals that included major pay cuts. Since Daniels is one of the few higher paid stars on the roster, it is assumed he was offered a pay cut as well.

However, men like Gunner and Robbie-E were never on big money deals, which made their signing likely easier. The reason James Storm re-signed might just be the comfort level of working for TNA Impact Wrestling. He has been on the roster since the very first show, the only true TNA original left on the roster.

Up until last year with his tag team partnership with Jessie Godderz, Robbie E was mostly a comedy wrestler and a joke in the ring. However, the tag team pairing has somehow gotten over with the crowd as villains. While they still aren’t good wrestlers, that is not what concerns TNA these days. As for Gunner, he cut his teeth in the NWA and deserves the recognition he has received as of late.