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TNA Wrestling looking to sign Chris Hero

TNA Impact Wrestling considering hiring Chris Hero
TNA Impact Wrestling considering hiring Chris Hero
TNA Impact Wrestling

The WWE signed Chris Hero and Claudio Castignoli and hoped to turn both into WWE stars. While Claudio turned into Antonio Cesaro and is involved in this weekend's "Elimination Chamber" main event, Chris Hero became Kassius Ohno was was released last year. reported on Feb. 20 that TNA Impact Wrestling is considering signing Hero to compete for them.

This would be a slight blow for Ring of Honor, who has been using Hero since he returned to the independent scene. The contract, if offered, would be similar to the one given to Davey Richards and Eddie Edwards, where they are allowed to take independent bookings as long as it is not for a company with a television deal or on a show that would be sold on DVD.

The would keep Hero from continuing to wrestle for Ring of Honor or other big companies like Dragon Gate USA and Evolve.

The rumors indicate that there are people backstage at TNA Imapct Wrestling who are trying to convince Dixie Carter to bring in Hero. That would continue the push to make TNA more of an indie wrestler friendly company as he would join Richards, Edwards and Austin Aries as former big time independent stars to join the company.

At the end of the day, it looks like TNA Impact Wrestling is trying hard to change their image from a competitor to the WWE to a home for independent stars to strive to reach. If they can succeed at that, TNA could be in for a big turnaround.