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TNA Wrestling founder Jeff Jarrett announces that his new promotion is a go

TNA Wrestling founder Jeff Jarrett says new promotion is a go
TNA Wrestling founder Jeff Jarrett says new promotion is a goTNA Impact Wrestling

TNA Wrestling founder Jeff Jarrett has been working on reportedly building his new wrestling promotion and finally made a comment about its status. According to Wrestling Inc. on Feb. 26, Jarrett said at a sports convention appearance that his new promotion is "a go."

Jarrett released a video a couple of weeks ago where he said that he felt there was going to be a professional wrestling boom coming and did a lot of talking about the WWE Network starting as well as AAA in Mexico. He never mentioned TNA Impact Wrestling, the company he personally founded.

He released a second video on Monday to coincide with the release of the WWE Network. In that video, Jeff and his wife Karen Jarrett talked publicly for the first time about leaving TNA Impact Wrestling after 12 years. Jarrett said that he had zero regrets about leaving the company that he helped build and felt it was time to move on to something new in his life.

Jarrett has also said that he is currently searching for the best young independent talents, which led people to understand that he was starting to work on building a new promotion. When he started TNA Impact Wrestling, he did the same thing, signing the best on the indie scene such as AJ Styles, Christopher Daniels, James Storm, Bobby Roode and more.

It was also made clear that this new promotion will be financed by "Nashville music investors" and most people believe that his main financier is Toby Keith, who is worth $500 million.