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TNA picking, choosing who to re-sign

Impact Wrestling
Impact Wrestling
Impact Wrestling

As James Storm has his contract extended with Impact Wrestling former champion Chris Sabin saw his expire on Saturday and he is no longer with the company. Frankie Kazarian and Christopher Daniels may be next to leave since their contracts expire in the next couple of weeks.

AJ Styles refused to take a significant pay cut (said to be 40%) when offered his last contract from TNA and chose to leave for a life on the indies. Sabin is thought to have been made a similar offer and refused as well and has started to reach out to promotions on the indies.

Daniels and Kazarian have yet to be made an offer from TNA with Daniels remaining one of the highest paid workers on the roster.

The contract of Kurt Angle is set to expire toward the end of summer and he has been tried to verbally put himself in a position to return to the WWE though the company has shown little if any interest.

Moral is said to be low with everyone edgy due to a lack of communication from the office and a lack of trust in what they are told. No word has been given on whether or not Spike TV has or will renew the Impact Wrestling program leaving many of the employees uneasy about the future of the product. While Impact continues to be one of the higher rated programs on Spike interest has waned and advertising dollars have lessened.

Many are questioning the recent moves of TNA, mainly believing the company made Eric Young the World Champion to mimic the WWE in making Daniel Bryan their champion. According to John Gaburick, the VP of Talent Relations, Christy Hemme is part of the creative team which is another piece to an ever changing and confusing puzzle.