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TNA news: TNA Knockout fired by company

TNA Impact Wrestling fires Lei'D Tapa
TNA Impact Wrestling fires Lei'D Tapa
TNA Impact Wrestling

TNA Impact Wrestling fired one of the TNA Knockouts and her last match aired on March 21 on the "TNA Impact Wrestling" television show. According to on March 21, Lei'd Tapa lost to Gail Kim in her final appearance with the company.

Lei'd Tapa is the niece of former WWE and WCW legendary monster wrestler The Barbarian.

Despite her relationship to The Barbarian, her entrance into TNA Impact Wrestling was controversial from the start. She competed in TNA's old gimmick of the "Gut Check" challenge. In this, two wrestlers who wanted to break into TNA Impact Wrestling wrestled each other and the fans voted on who they liked.

However, the final decision came down to three voters, which mostly included Bruce Pritchard, Al Snow and Tazz. While former MMA fighter Ivelisse Valez was the total package, could have been a huge star, and not only beat Lei'd Tapa in their qualifying match, but she looked miles better and more comfortable in the ring.

In this case, it was Al Snow and Ohio Valley trainer Danny Davis who voted yes for Lei'd Tapa to get her TNA Impact Wrestling contract, to which the fans booed loudly at the decision. TNA might have been trying to find the next Awesome Kong and failed.

Since then, Lei'd Tapa has not had one decent match and spent most of the last year as Gail Kim's bodyguard. The two came to blows last week and Kim beat Tapa last night on "TNA Impact Wrestling."

Word backstage at TNA Impact Wrestling is that Lei'd Tapa was not willing to work and improve and some called her a "time bomb" waiting to explode. Tapa herself said that when one door closes, another will open and thanked the company for the opportunity.

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