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TNA news: Television contracts have TNA worried heading into 2014

TNA Impact Wrestling seeking new TV deal
TNA Impact Wrestling seeking new TV deal
TNA Impact Wrestling

TNA Impact Wrestling had some good news this week when it comes to television, as the company signed a new deal with Challenge TV in Great Britain to air their show in a multi-year deal. According to on Jan. 8, TNA will be able to keep their show on free television in both the UK and Ireland thanks to the deal.

TNA Impact Wrestling have always prided themselves on having a strong, loyal, and quite large following overseas, but they still struggle in the United States, thanks to fans having a strong loyalty to the WWE.

Now, TNA Impact Wrestling will start to work on their U.S. television contracts, as they head into negotiations with Spike TV.

The current contract with Spike TV expires in October 2014 and the two sides will sit down to start negotiating in the first quarter of the year. However, there are two problems that TNA faces in this new deal.

The first is that the original deal had the goal of raising the viewership to the two million mark, something that has not happened. As a matter of fact, since the two sides signed the last contract, TNA Impact Wrestling has lost viewers over the years. It doesn't help that not all cable networks offers Spike TV, but TNA has done little to retain loyal fans lately.

The second problem is that the WWE is putting their shows up for bids in 2014, and they are seeking monster deals for their programs, promising any network that signs with them will be a Top 5 network regardless of where they sit now. There are strong rumors that Spike TV will bid on "WWE Smackdown," believing it will help Bellator more than the TNA Impact Wrestling lead-in would.

If that happens, that will leave TNA Impact Wrestling scrambling to find a new home, not an easy task with their ratings rarely rising above the 1.0 mark during prime time hours,

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