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TNA news: Tara rips company, says she will never return

TNA news: Tara rips company
TNA news: Tara rips company

A lot of people have left TNA Impact Wrestling recently as the company tries to cut costs and save some money. According to PWS on Oct. 6, one of those wresters, former Knockout Tara, has just come out and ripped the company, saying she would never return.

Several of the wrestlers, such as Luke Gallows and Matt Morgan, have chosen not to burn bridges and thanked TNA for the time they spent in the company. Others, like Ken Anderson and Mickie James, have left the door open for a possible return.

Tara, whose real name is Lisa Marie Varon and wrestled in WWE as Victoria, said that she would never return because it wasn’t a good fit for her. In one major dig, she said her time in TNA made her appreciate the WWE a lot more than she did before.

Tara is now running her own restaurant chain called “The Squared Circle.” She has locations in Kentucky and Illinois and will open a second in Illinois based on Chicago. It is a wrestling themed restaurant and wrestling in on the TVs every night. There is even a chance to meet wrestling guests on occasions.

She did say her wrestling career might not be over, and to never say never, but she thinks there will be more matches in her future. She also said that she hopes some of the TNA talent who have never worked the WWE gets a chance to work Madison Square Garden someday to see how amazing that experience is.