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TNA news: Plans for American Wolves debut changed, new feud planned

TNA: New plans for American Wolves debut
TNA: New plans for American Wolves debut
TNA Impact Wrestling

When TNA Impact Wrestling introduced Davey Richards and Eddie Edwards to their television audience on their live "Genesis" show, some wondered why they weren't wrestling in their debuts. According to PWS on Jan. 22, the plans on how to introduce the American Wolves changed after they signed their deals.

Originally, the idea was to bring in the American Wolves and have them immediately win the TNA tag team titles. That made sense because they are almost automatically one of the most experienced tag teams in TNA Impact Wrestling now.

However, TNA creative writer Dave Lagana changed his mind because, in his opinion, The Bro Mans have finally started to get over as a tag team. Originally seen as a joke of a team when they first started out, they have begun to improve and cutting their legs out from under them with a loss to a newly signed team could destroy their momentum.

As a result, those plans were scrapped and The American Wolves opened with just a backstage promo with TNA President Dixie Carter where the company began a "new investor" angle.

Now, instead of having the American Wolves go after the tag team titles right off the bat, they will start off in a feud with Bad Influence, Christopher Daniels and Kaz. This is great news since all four men have Ring of Honor experience and are familiar with each other. Plus, Bad Influence is the most experienced tag team in TNA Impact Wrestling right now, one of the most entertaining, and matches between these two teams should be great.