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TNA news: Low Ki returning to TNA to help in the X-Division

Low Ki returning to TNA to help in the X-Division
Low Ki returning to TNA to help in the X-Division
Low Ki / Twitter

Low-Ki retired last year, and most felt it was because he was burnt out when it came to professional wrestling. Rumors had him focusing all his time on his voice over work for movies, but he is now returning to wrestling. PWS reported on Friday that Low Ki is headed to TNA Impact Wrestling to work both as a wrestler and an agent.

Low Ki was one of the original TNA Impact Wrestling stars and was a member of the legendary Triple X with Christopher Daniels and Elix Skipper. He was also the first Ring of Honor world champion. He won the title in a 60-minute iron man match against Christopher Daniels, Brian Kendrick and Doug Williams.

WWE fans might remember Low Ki from winning season two of WWE NXT under the name Kaval. The named he beat included Curtis Axel, Alex Riley, Bray Wyatt and Titus O’Neil. Unlike season one winner Wade Barrett, Kaval received a small push on Smackdown and was released shortly thereafter.

Low Ki left the WWE and went back to NJPW in Japan for two years where he won the IWGP Junior Heavyweight Championship and also wrestled some in the U.S. for Evolve and Dragon Gate USA. It was at this time that he retired from professional wrestling. His retirement lasted five months and Low Ki returned to Dragon Gate USA for a match last month.

Low Ki’s TNA Impact Wrestling deal calls for him to return to the X-Division, where he is a two-time champion. Not only will he wrestle in the X-Division but he will also work as an agent, helping cultivate the division. Since he comes from a time where the X-Division was the most exciting in all of wrestling, TNA Impact Wrestling hopes he will help them revitalize it. Low Ki won a tournament at the One Night Only pay-per-view “Xtravaganza” to earn a future X-Division title shot.