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TNA news: Kurt Angle has no ACL cartilage left in his knee

TNA star Kurt Angle has no cartilage in his knee
TNA star Kurt Angle has no cartilage in his knee
Photo by Michael Buckner/Getty Images

While TNA Impact Wrestling was on its tour of the U.K., word got out that Kurt Angle was in very bad condition health-wise. While Angle denied the severity of his injuries, PWS reported on Feb. 13 that Angle actually has no ACL cartilage left in his knee.

While this sounds very dangerous, Chris Jericho worked in the WWE with a similar condition years ago and he actually have his cartilage start to grow back. With that in mind, and seeing how it didn't effect his performance in the ring, it seems like Angle's continued wrestling shouldn't hurt him too much.

What is scary is that, while on the U.K. tour, Angle hit a giant moonsault from the top of the steel cage, which seems like a crazy risky high spot for someone wrestling on only one good knee. There were also photos taken of Angle on the U.K. tour that showed him in a wheelchair when he was not wrestling.

This means that Angle was putting on a great show, an he looked amazing in the ring during the U.K. tour, but was never 100 percent while doing so. TNA Impact Wrestling also shot a beat down on Angle by Ethan Carter III that was supposed to take Angle out of action so he could have surgery he has been putting off.

It now looks like TNA might want Angle to wrestle at "Lockdown" in another steel cage match before he has his surgery, which also sounds unnecessary. This knee condition could end up keeping him from ever wrestling in the WWE again, thanks to their new health requirements.