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TNA news: Former TNA announcer talks about big names leaving TNA

TNA announcer talks about departures of major stars
TNA announcer talks about departures of major stars
TNA Impact Wrestling

While TNA Impact Wrestling has begun to promote an atmosphere where fans don't know when someone is quitting or not, there are three big names who have legitimately left the company. According to on Jan. 20, former TNA announcer Todd Kenley talked about the departures of Hulk Hogan, Jeff Jarrett and AJ Styles.

The first big departure was Hulk Hogan, who quit on the TNA Impact Wrestling television show. It was the first case of where TNA chose to play out a wrestler leaving the company as a storyline, which confused a lot of fans who didn't know if it was real or not.

According to Kenley, the loss of Hogan was bigger than some might think, although he feels it was time for Hogan to move on. He said Hogan was more than just a figurehead and that the WWE Hall of Fame star opened a lot of doors for TNA when it comes to distribution deals and mainstream publicity.

The next major person to leave was also played out as a storyline as TNA chose to make AJ Styles' expiring contract part of a big story leading into their "Bound for Glory" pay-per-view. Styles then quit on television, taking the TNA world title with him, although he was still under an extension he signed. The two sides never came to an agreement and Styles was written off of TNA television after his contract expired.

According to Kenley, the real-life status of AJ Styles is still up in the air, although he has returned to Ring of Honor, a promotion that TNA is currently trying to purge of talent. Kenley said that TNA and Styles are synonymous and them letting him get away makes you wonder what TNA is thinking.

The third name was done behind the scenes, and that is when Jeff Jarrett resigned from TNA Impact Wrestling. Jarrett founded the company and built it into what it is today. Kenley said this was another questionable move because the founder leaving the company makes you wonder what is happening there.

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