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TNA news: Dixie Carter promises that new talents will appear at 'Genesis'

TNA news: Dixie Carter promises new stars
TNA news: Dixie Carter promises new stars
Ring of Honor Wrestling

When the WWE chose not to sign Davey Richards and Eddie Edwards, despite them putting in a good showing at their tryouts, TNA Impact Wrestling seemed to jump at the moment. According to on Jan. 15, TNA President Dixie Carter has said they plan to bring in new talent to the live "Genesis" show tomorrow night, and The American Wolves are the most likely.

While AJ Styles left rather than taking a major pay cut, which he considered to be TNA's way of telling him he was not important to their success, The American Wolves would probably make a nice pay bump if they joined TNA Impact Wrestling.

While Ring of Honor is the third largest wrestling promotion in America, they don't have the capital to pay as well as TNA Impact Wrestling. Plus, since Davey Richards burned his bridges with ROH when he thought he was heading to the WWE, his only other options are either the independent scene, Japan or Evolve.

TNA Impact Wrestling would provide him with more money and worldwide exposure.

Eddie Edwards has a clear option of returning to ROH Wrestling, since he left on good terms and was considered to be positive backstage. However, it seems like Edwards and Richards are selling themselves on the prospect of wrestling together as The American Wolves, which is the best opportunity they would have of joining TNA Impact Wrestling.