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TNA news: Davey Richards explains why he didn't end up in WWE

TNA - Davey Richards talks about choosing TNA over WWE
TNA - Davey Richards talks about choosing TNA over WWE
Ring of Honor Wrestling

When Davey Richards and Eddie Edwards didn't sign with the WWE developmental organization most of the WWE rumors claimed that it was Triple H who cancelled their deal but Richards might have a different story. In a video posted on on Jan. 31, Richards said he didn't want to sign with the WWE under those conditions.

Richards said that he told Eddie Edwards that he didn't want to move to Florida to sign up for the WWE developmental system with no clear idea of the future. Looking at how Chris Hero was led along and then dropped, it was easy to see how Richards could be leery.

What many fans may not know, Davey Richards is a paramedic as his full time job and is also in school, and he said that by taking this chance on the WWE developmental contract which would have force him to move to Florida, quitting his job as a paramedic as well as dropping out of school. He said he loved the medic job and didn't want to make the move.

He also talked about how he really wanted to sign with TNA Impact Wrestling. While it is also based in Florida, they pre-tape numerous shows and have a much lighter traveling schedule making it work with Richards' other career.

He also touched on Ring of Honor, saying it was the company he grew to love but emphasized that it is not the same company now as the one he loved. He said "his Ring of Honor" is the one ran by Gabe Sapolsky and owned by Cary Silkin.