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TNA News: Davey Richards, Eddie Edwards heading to TNA

American Wolves headed to TNA Impact Wrestling
American Wolves headed to TNA Impact Wrestling
Ring of Honor Wrestling

After failing to catch on with the WWE developmental system, it looks like the American Wolves are heading to the second largest company in America. According to on Jan. 13, Davey Richards and Eddie Edwards might be arriving in TNA Impact Wrestling as soon as Thursday's live "Impact Wrestling" show in Alabama.

Richards and Edwards are two of the last five men to hold the Ring of Honor Wrestling world championship belt. Edwards won the title from Roderick Strong, and then lost it to Richards. Since then, Kevin Steen, Jay Briscoe and Adam Cole have held the world title.

Meanwhile, Edwards and Richards reunited their tag team, The American Wolves, and won their first ROH tag team titles. They then received the opportunity to try out for the WWE developmental system. They fought The Ascension and impressed a lot of people with their good attitudes, hard work and demeanor while losing.

However, they did not impress Triple H. Apparently, Richards was dropped awkwardly on his neck and Triple H called the referee to end the match quickly. The match went on for a bit longer and Triple H blamed the American Wolves and rescinded the offer for them to return to wrestle in NXT as "interns."

Unfortunately for Richards, he burned his bridges in Ring of Honor on his way out, insulting the company and getting dropped form his farewell match. Edwards was allowed to compete in it with a new partner.

Now, with TNA Impact Wrestling falling on hard times, losing the studio they planned to shoot in, and losing their biggest star AJ Styles to Ring of Honor, the American Wolves are looking like they are coming in to wrestle on "TNA Impact Wrestling."

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