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TNA news: AJ Styles talks about why he left TNA Impact Wrestling

AJ Styles talks about why he left TNA Impact Wrestling
AJ Styles talks about why he left TNA Impact Wrestling
TNA Impact Wrestling

AJ Styles begins his new career with Ring of Honor Wrestling tonight, and before that started he did an interview talking about leaving TNA Impact Wrestling. According to PWS on Jan. 4, Styles said he burned no bridges when leaving TNA, but is excited to return to Ring of Honor.

Styles is a huge signing for Ring of Honor, probably their biggest free agent acquisition and a great second signing after the company also brought back Chris Hero after he left the WWE developmental program. Right now, Styles is signed for two sets of TV tapings for Ring of Honor as well as the major anniversary show. However, he said there might be more.

AJ Styles said that, when he is at the ROH TV taping tonight, he will sit down with management and see if there is a chance that a contract might occur out of this to bring him back to Ring of Honor on a more permanent basis.

He also touched on his contract negotiations with TNA Impact Wrestling. he knows that a lot of sites felt he was close to re-signing with the company, but said that it never reached that point. Styles said that he was wanting to return to the company, but it just wasn't the right situation for him at this time.

As for what made him finally decide to leave TNA Impact Wrestling, AJ Styles touched on a number of topics. He said that guys like Samoa Joe, Christopher Daniels and Frankie Kazarian have been putting on five-star matches but don't get a chance to have major main event feuds. He also mentioned how Jeff Jarrett left the company, and if Jarrett leaves, there must really be something wrong.