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‘TNA LockDown’ recap and results: Team MVP vs. Team Dixie

‘TNA LockDown’ recap and results: 2014
‘TNA LockDown’ recap and results: 2014
TNA Impact Wrestling

TNA Impact Wrestling held their first pay-per-view of 2014 with “TNA LockDown” on March 9, an event where every match took place inside of a steel cage. Here is a look at the “TNA LockDown” results for the big show.

The show opened with a huge special attraction match as members of Japan’s Wrestle-1 promotion, led by the legendary Great Muta, took on three of TNA Impact Wrestling’s finest wrestlers. The match saw Great Muta, Yasu and the new X-Division champion Sanada take on Bad Influence and Chris Saban. The match lasted about 10 minutes ended with Great Muta getting to blow his green mist and Sanada hit the moonsault onto Christopher Daniels for the pin.

Rockstar Spud and Dixie Carter came to the ring and Dixie announced that Jeff Hardy was banned from the building for breaching his contract and she had a surprise for the main event match.

The next match saw Christy Hemme’s stalker Samuel Shaw climb to the top of the cage and threaten to jump if she didn’t come out. His opponent Mr. Anderson came out instead and asked for permission to beat him up awhile and then he would take him somewhere higher to jump from. Hemme was at ringside for the match and Shaw was able to pull her into the steel cage while Mr. Anderson was climbing out for the win. The referee was knocked out at this point and Anderson ran back into the cage to save her, allowing Shaw to low blow him and escape for the win when the referee woke up.

Ethan Carter III was supposed to fight Kurt Angle, but since Angle had knee surgery he has no opponent. He sent out an open challenge to anyone currently on the TNA Impact Wrestling roster. Bobby Lashley showed up. EC3 said that Lashley was not under a TNA contract, but Lashley attacked him and left him lying.

Manik took on the debuting Tigre Uno in the next match. It went nine minutes and was full of high flying, X-Division styled wrestling, with Tigre Uno winning with the Phoenix Splash.

Former tag team partners Gunner and James Storm were up next in a last man standing match that Gunner won in about 15 minutes.

In the next match, Madison Rayne successful defended her Knockouts title against Gail Kim by pinfall.

The first “TNA LockDown” main event was for the TNA World Championship, with Magnus defending the title against Samoa Joe. The rules here are that there is no pinfall or escape from the cage, and the winner is determined by submission or knock out. The end came when someone grabbed Joe from under the ring. It was Abyss, who then hit Samoa Joe with “Janice” and then hit the Black Hole Slam. Magnus locked in a choke and Joe was knocked out.

The second main event was the Lethal LockDown match, where two teams of four fought in a match where two men start in the ring and another comes in at intervals until all eight are in the ring. The stipulation here is that Team Dixie (Bobby Roode, Austin Aries, BroMans) was fighting Team MVP (MVP, The Wolves, Jeff Hardy in a mask as Willow) and the winner got control of TNA Impact Wrestling. The big surprise by Dixie Carter was that Bully Ray is the special guest referee, who Carter introduces once all eight men are in the ring and the weapons are in play.

The end came when Bobby Roode was about to powerbomb MVP through a table, but Bully Ray stood in his way. Roode shoves Bully, so Bully levels Roode. MVP hits the Shining Wizard on Roode and Bully counts the three. Dixie Carter goes nuts, yelling at Bully Ray for costing her control of TNA Impact Wrestling and then Bully powerbombs Roode through the table to end the “TNA LockDown” pay-per-view

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