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TNA LockDown fallout: Bobby Lashley returns, attendance numbers and more

On Sunday March 9, TNA held their LockDown PPV live from Miami, Florida. Heading into the event, the major storyline was the Lethal LockDown match for control of TNA's wrestling operations. Despite an unexpected "swerve" from Bully Ray to give Team MVP the victory and control of wrestling operations, the return of Bobby Lashley was the biggest surprise of the night. After the PPV, Lashley made the following comments about his return via his Twitter page: "I'm BACK! @IMPACTWRESTLING #timefortrouble"

TNA LockDown fallout: Bobby Lashley returns, attendance numbers, and more

According to a March 9 report by, TNA sold an estimated 900 tickets for the event. This doesn't include any walk-ups before or during the PPV. There were many empty seats throughout the venue as various photos floating around the Internet clearly showed a small crowd. The attendance issues for TNA has become a nightmare for a company that was once considered the #2 wrestling company in the world. The silver lining to this is that TNA's international popularity continues to be strong, which was evident by their recent tour of Europe.

Keeping with the international theme, Tigre Uno and Sanada (X Division champ) will make their debuts on IMPACT this week. Tigre Uno had a successful showing at the PPV in a fast paced match with Manik. This match could have been 4 stars if TNA gave them more time.

Sanada also had a successful PPV debut, scoring the pinfall victory for his team as they defeated the trio of Bad Influence and Chris Sabin. This was also an exciting match as all 6 men thrilled the crowd in the PPV opener.

LockDown PPV results:

  • Sanada, Yasu and Muta defeated Bad Influence and Sabin
  • Samuel Shaw defeated Mr. Anderson
  • Tigre Uno defeated Manik
  • Gunner defeated James Storm
  • Madison Rayne defeated Gail Kim
  • Magnus defeated Samoa Joe
  • Team MVP defeated Team Dixie

In addition to the debuts of Tigre Uno and Sanada on this week's IMPACT, MVP is expected to celebrate his newfound position of complete control over wrestling operations. MVP scored the pinfall victory for his team after Bully Ray prevented Bobby Roode from putting MVP through a table. Ray and Roode then had a physical altercation before MVP punted Bobby in the head and pinned him.

Going forward, MVP will have to address the situation with TNA world champion Magnus who received assistance from Abyss to defeat Samoa Joe. Abyss popped up through the wrestling ring to attack Samoa Joe and give Magnus the win. Magnus would reveal after the match that he has been talking to Abyss for the last few weeks and orchestrated everything.

Lashley's return to TNA is a much needed boost to a roster that's floundering and a company starving for talent. This former world champion will definitely be in line for a run against Magnus in the near future. As for now, it looks like he will be in a feud with EC 3.

A rating of 2 1/2 stars seems appropriate for a PPV with a few surprises, good effort from the wrestlers, and some really bad storylines.

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