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TNA Impact Wrestling 'Sacrifice' results and recap

TNA Impact Wrestling Sacrifice recap
TNA Impact Wrestling Sacrifice recap
Photo by Simon Q / Flickr Commons

TNA Impact Wrestling held their annual "Sacrifice" pay-per-view event on Sunday night and every title was on the line. There was also a tables match, an I-Quit match and the return of Kurt Angle. Here is a look at the TNA Impact Wrestling "Sacrifice" results and recap.

The first match on the "Sacrifice" pay-per-view was for the tag team titles. The champions, The BroMans, have been keeping their titles recently by cheating and getting out with disqualification losses, keeping their belts. They had an advantage this match as well, since Zema Ion got to team with them to make the match a handicap match, however MVP said it was also no disqualification. Thanks to the stipulations, The Wolves won the tag team titles by pinning Jessie.

The next match was a "Commitment Match," where the loser is committed to an insane asylum. This started with a promo by Samuel Shaw where he makes comments to make his infatuation with Christy Hemme sound like mommy issues, which is even more creepy. Mr. Anderson won by dumping Shaw into the asylum van.

Kurt Angle made his return to the ring after his recent knee surgery to team with Willow to battle Ethan Carter III and Rockstar Spud. Willow is Jeff Hardy in a mask. Angle and Hardy won when Hardy pinned Spud. Angle starred down Carter to show their feud is not over with by a long shot.

The X-Division title was on the line next. This is the third match in a best-of-three series between Japanese star and champion Sanada and Latino star Tigre Uno. They were tied at one each heading into this match. Sanada won the match and retained the X-Division title.

The I-Quit match was next. James Storm turned on Gunner when Gunner finally got a shot at the TNA world title, and cost him the match. Since then Storm has been a bad guy and even attacked Gunner's dad at one point. Gunner won the match by making Storm give up.

Madison Rayne defended her Knockouts title against her former Beautiful People partner Angelina Love. Velvet Sky, who recently turned on Rayne to rejoin Love, was in Love's corner. Sky distracted the ref and Love sprayed something in Rayne's eyes to beat her for the title.

Up next for TNA Impact Wrestling "Sacrifice" was a Tables Match between Bully Ray and Bobby Roode. Bully has always been the master of table matches and he cost Roode a chance to own part of TNA Impact Wrestling when he cost Dixie Carter her company. Roode won the match when a bearded person interfered, which turned out to be Dixie Carter in disguise.

In the main event, Eric Young defended his TNA world title against former champion Magnus. Young was a surprising champion, but put on a great title defense. Eric Young left TNA Impact Wrestling "Sacrifice" still the champion after beating Magnus with a piledriver and flying elbow drop.

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